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STEAM Summer Camp Recap

Past event: July 21, 2023

Welcome to the STEAM Nature Camp recap! Experience the immersive world of our Certified Nature Architects and join us in celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of these young learners!

Explore captivating photos from 6 stations:

  • planning and designing a tiny garden

  • problem-solving how to find a hidden treasure

  • engineering animal houses on land

  • creating birds out of natural materials

  • building animal houses in the water

  • engineering train tracks to navigate obstacles

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The morning launch

This is a clip from our morning launch for our STEAM Nature Camp 2023. The purpose of this launch was to set the stage for our day.


What is a launch? At Sage Academy, the Socratic Discussion Launch is a powerful method of engaging young learners in an intellectual journey of discovery. It involves asking thought-provoking questions that stimulate critical thinking, challenge assumptions, and create a space for open-minded dialogue. The discussion launch is teacher-guided but student-centered, and learners are encouraged to ask their own questions, seek answers, and form their own opinions.


The goal is not to reach a consensus or a "right" answer, but rather to explore different perspectives and arrive at a deeper understanding of the topic at hand. The Socratic Discussion Launch is a cornerstone of Sage Academy, an Acton Academy affiliate, fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity, respect, and collaboration.

Station 1: Tiny Garden

Welcome to Station 1: Tiny Garden! Here, we embarked on a journey of creativity as we planned, drew, and built captivating tiny gardens for our favorite figurines. Guided by our amazing campers, these miniature green spaces blossomed with vibrant flowers, winding pathways, and whimsical decorations. With their imagination as their compass, they transformed ordinary materials into enchanting landscapes. Each little garden became a testament to the endless possibilities when nature and creativity intertwine. Our young learners embraced the challenge, nurturing their gardens with care and precision. It was incredible to witness their imaginative designs come to life, creating miniature worlds that captured the essence of beauty and wonder.

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Station 2: Treasure Hunt

Step into the world of Station 2: Treasure Hunt! Armed with compasses and maps, our adventurous campers embarked on an exhilarating journey to uncover hidden treasures. They skillfully navigated through our challenge course, decoding clues, and overcoming challenges along the way. Our young explorers demonstrated determination and teamwork, relying on their problem-solving skills to conquer each obstacle. As their footsteps danced with excitement, they discovered the thrill of exploration in the great outdoors. It was a treasure hunt filled with laughter, discoveries, and unforgettable memories.

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Station 3: Animal Houses on Land

Welcome to Station 3, where we dove into the fascinating world of animal architecture! Our young learners led the way as we learned about and engineered innovative animal houses on land. They guided us through their problem-solving and design process, exploring how different animals' needs affected their habitat requirements. We were amazed by the creativity and ingenuity behind each animal house, from secure and cozy burrows for puffins, to intricate termite mounds, to precisely decorated bower bird nests.

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Station 4: Bird Nature Art

Get ready to experience the beauty of nature through the eyes of our young artists at Station 4. With natural materials in hand, they created stunning bird nature art that captured the colors, patterns, and movements of our feathered friends. 

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