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Application & Teacher Recommendation Letters

Congratulations on reaching Step 3, The Moment of Truth in the hero's journey! During this step, we collect documentation that helps us better understand your young learner and assess their learning journey.


We kindly ask that you email us any transcripts, report cards, parent reports, teacher recommendation letters, or any other documentation you have. Please note that your enrollment progress cannot move forward until we receive these documents, so please submit your application and email us the necessary documentation. All documents should be sent to

If you have multiple children, please submit separate applications for each child. At Sage Academy Granbury, we believe that each child is a unique genius. You may reuse any answers you provided on previous applications, but we ask that you submit a separate application for each child to help us tailor our approach to better fit their individual learning needs.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Downloadable Forms & Links

Pay Application Fee Link

Sage Academy Application


If I cannot be reached, I authorize the staff at Sage Academy to take my child to the listed hospital.

Emergency Contact 1

Emergency Contact 2

Photo Permission

Can we use images of your child in our school marketing and social media?

By singing below I agree that all of the information above is accurate and current.

Thanks for submitting your Audition Family Information!

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