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Sage Academy Granbury

An Independent Private School in Hood County Where Learners Become Leaders

SAGE Academy

An innovative, learner-driven approach to education that celebrates personal responsibility, creative freedom, and leadership!

Enroll your child in our full-time elementary program, a one-room schoolhouse in Granbury, Texas.  As an Acton Academy Affiliate, we are committed to providing a 21st Century education. We offer classes from kindergarten to 3rd grade, with plans to add a grade each year.

Real-world Skills

Project-based Learning

Socratic Discussions

Innovative, Accredited, & Learner Driven

Sage Academy Granbury is an accredited affiliation of the global Acton Academy Network. We are an independent learner-driven private elementary school that opened in the Fall of 2023. Our first location is the Adventure Studio (K-3rd) located on Fall Creek Hwy in Granbury, Texas. We will grow into upper elementary and launch a Threshold (middle school) & Launchpad Studio (high school) in the years to come.


Our learners find great joy in learning, while nurturing a tight-knit community that upholds high standards and values. We have only one goal: Inspire each learner that enters our doors to find a calling that will help change the world.

Proven Results

Learners are gaining an average of 2 to 2 1/2 grade levels per year throughout the network of 300+ Acton Academy affiliates worldwide. Sage Academy is an Acton Academy affiliate.

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What Makes Sage Academy Different?

Sage Academy bases its learning model on the Hero’s Journey, a story pattern common in ancient myths and modern-day adventures. In each journey, an everyday person goes on an adventure, faces challenges, often times fails but keeps going, wins a victory, and then comes home transformed into their version of a modern day hero.


Learners at Sage Academy know why they are being challenged to learn: they're on their own Hero’s Journey to explore their passions, overcome failures, and ultimately be transformed into a learner that's prepared to tackle real-world problems. 

Our blended learning model highlights these differences

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Socratic Guides & Discussions

Socratic Discussions hone critical thinking skills and equip learners to listen, think, write, and speak clearly.

Hands-on Project-based Learning

Hands-on projects, known as Quests, span 4-6 week periods and allow students to dive deep into big ideas, preparing them for real-world challenges.

Leveraging Online Learning Tools

Educational technology used in a purposeful, meaningful way allows students to learn at their own pace - while still striving for mastery.

Learner-led Environment

A democratic environment empowers learners: learners have a choice and a voice in the learning process.

No Homework =
More Family Time

Students who are given the freedom to learn at their own pace naturally accelerate their learning. Afternoons and weekends become family time instead of homework time.

A shorter summer break helps learners retain knowledge & maintain their interests. Periodic weekly breaks allow families dedicated time to travel, attend to personal matters such as doctor's appointments, and purposefully engage in their community.

No Religious

We believe that teaching religious values and belief systems is a responsibility that lies with parents and families, rather than in the classroom.

Multi-Age Classroom

Learners benefit academically and socially by working with other learners of varying ages. Students aren't limited by a grade-level curriculum, and can advance at their own pace.


"The goal of schools shouldn’t be to manufacture ‘productive citizens’ to fill some corporate cubicle; it should be to inspire each child to find a ‘calling’ that will change the world."

- Clark Aldrich, Author of Unschooling Rules

Meet Our Team
Jamie Alexander, Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Guide

EC-6 Texas Certified Teacher

Tasha Skeen-Richard, Founder

Founder & Guide Assistant

Tasha Skeen-Richard
Acton Academy
See an Acton Academy in Action

There are over 300 independently-operated Acton Academy Affiliates around the world, and each school is free to implement its own procedures and structure, while staying true to the basic tenets of Acton Academy's educational philosophy.


Because of this freedom, Acton Affiliates vary widely in their school culture and educational approaches. 


Below, we've shared four Acton schools that align with our vision and values so you can see an Acton Academy in action.

Image of Acton Academy Logo, Bee Cave
Image of Acton Academy Logo, West End
Image of Acton Academy Logo, Serenbe
Image of Acton Academy Logo, Placer

Courage to Grow

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