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Our story began with the same question many families in Granbury have: "Where should I send my child to school?"

Jamie and Tasha first connected as fellow parents of young children at Lake Granbury Montessori Academy. There, they saw the power of child-led learning in action.

As Tasha's son approached Kindergarten age, she reluctantly considered transitioning to the overcrowded public school closest to her.

Meanwhile, Jamie, a certified teacher, put her trust in the public school system and enrolled her son in Kindergarten at their local elementary school. He had 15 minutes of recess and a classroom with no windows; he described Kindergarten as "mostly lining up and sitting at your desk."

As parents of children growing up in a rapidly changing and advancing world, we came to the conclusion that traditional education wasn't enough anymore.

Our Guide

Our search for non-traditional education in Hood County led us to consider several faith-based schools. Yet, we believe firmly that because each family has highly unique religious values and belief systems, it is families - not teachers in a classroom - that are best equipped to share and teach those values to their own children.

We discovered the Acton Academy model at different times: Tasha in 2017, before her first child was even born; moving to Granbury spurred her quest to open a local Acton Academy. Jamie learned of it in 2022 through conversations with Tasha.

We created Sage Academy to be the school we were searching for; the missing piece in the educational landscape of Granbury.


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